Is your child 4 to 9 years old? The window of Opportunity is right now!

There is abundant evidence that the best time to learn a new language is relatively early in life. We are born with greater brain capacity than we actually realize, which is why children pick up a second language so easily. The optimum window of opportunity for learning languages lasts until about the age of nine to twelve, yet most U.S. school districts wait until Junior High or even High School — after the ‘window’ is closed.


                  If you wait, it might be too late!


Learning a language later in life doesn’t quite become impossible. It just becomes a lot more difficult! But all the intellectual benefits of early learning are lost. And the ease that nature intended to accompany the young’s acquisition of language will be gone ~forever~.

Research shows:

IQ and reading comprehension tests confirm that children with second language exposure are better conceptual thinkers.

Children who study another language develop greater problem solving skills.

Children who are exposed to a second language grasp the nuances of English better and more quickly.

Learning a foreign language is FUN!

Children who study another language score higher on basic skills such as English, Math, Science, and Music.

Study of another language enhances critical listening skills.