Summer Camp Schedule 2017

Keep Your Child Learning Over Summer

A foreign language summer camp at SpoLang is a great way to let your child try out a new language.

SpoLang Camps are stimulating and give a unique opportunity to learn or improve German or Spanish skills.

During each Session, students participate in interactive age appropriate games, music and movement activities, creative arts & craft projects that center around a specific theme. 

Beginning students learn basic language skills to supplement the vocabulary linket to each theme.

More advanced students learn/reinforce useful phrases, grammatical concepts and practice their conversation skills.

Every moment is deliberately constructed to take advantage of your child’s amazing capacity to absorb languages.

All classes are taught in small groups of 6 students.

Learning a language is much easier for young children than adults, and the sooner they start to learn, the easier it is.

For registration or to receive more information, please click on the language of your choice from the menu below.


Early Elementary Camp
Elementary Camp

July: 10-13

Elementary Camp
Middle School Camp
High School Camp

July: 24 – 27


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Early Elementary Camp
Elementary Camp

July: 17 – 20

 Middle School Camp

July: 17 – 20 



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(ages 7 and up)

July: 24 – 27






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(children starting Kindergarten in Fall 2017)

July: Dates to be announced




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*Camp dates might be subjected to changes, we recommend checking them frequently.


NEW STUDENT SUMMER CAMP SPECIAL!! Register your child before April 30th and receive $10 off!!

Early Education Camp: 4 days, 3-hours a day,  $170 — School-Aged Camp: 4 days, 2-hours a day,  $140 —

Cursive Writing Camp: 4 days, 1-hour a day,  $80 Schultüten Camp: 4days, 1-hour a day, $80 —

Ask about SpoLang’s Family and Multi-Camp Discounts!