Welcome to SpoLang

welcome to SpoLang

If you are a serious searcher for a unique, academically challenging foreign language program, then you have definitely found it.

SpoLang is Spokane’s first European styled foreign language school offering year-round leading edge German and Spanish language programs for students as young as three.

20 Years of Educational Excellence!
SpoLang has been serving Spokane Families since 1996 and is located on the South Hill.


About SpoLang

SpoLang creates an environment in which students literally live the language.

Curriculums are especially designed and developed to utilize a child’s in-born ability to acquire a second language naturally . . . . .

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Window of Opportunity

The optimum window of opportunity for learning languages only lasts until about the age of nine . . . . .

 If you wait, it might be too late!

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Language Development

Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are combined with cultural and social practice to produce a complete learning and communication experience . . . . .

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Scholars Award in World Languages

Congratulations to two exceptional SpoLang Students.

Rachel F. and Nicholas L. have both received 1st Place  of the Spokane Scholars Award in World Languages . . . . .

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Language Certifications

SpoLang’s German Program is the first and  only program in Spokane and surrounding area, offering the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) German Youth Certifications for students ages 10 and up . . . . .

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A Foreign Language Summer Camp at SpoLang is a great way to let your child try out a new language.

Learning a language is much easier for young children than adults, and the sooner they start to learn, the easier it is. Bring to your child a delightful summer week and the beginning of an invaluable, life-long skill …..

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2016/2017 Class Schedules

Early Elementary through High School Programs are designed after the European Education Model and stimulate the German or Spanish language through, themes, creative arts, crafts, music, movie making, theater, puppet theater presentations . . . . .

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Parent Reviews

My daughter started attending the SpoLang Spanish immersion program when she was 2 and is 3 now. She is constantly (constantly!) singing songs, saying certain phrases, and answers simple questions in Spanish. She counts and knows all the colors in Spanish practically before English at this point! She LOVES, LOVES going to pre-school and …..

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Photo and Video Gallery

Come see what fun we are having at SpoLang!

Enjoy our Pictures and Videos

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Annual Lantern Fest Parade since 1996

Be a part of this fun tradition and join SpoLang’s Students for the Original Spokane Lantern Fest Celebration on Friday, November 4th at 6:30pm at the Looff Carrousel in Spokane Riverfront Park.

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